Madsonic Android

Project Description

Madsonic is a music streaming app, use it to connect to your own Madsonic remote streaming server and listen to your media wherever you go! Media is cached for playback to save your mobile bandwidth and to make them available when you have no mobile connection!
It's a fork of the original Subsonic/DSub android client and adds some new enhancements.

Project Details

  • Madsonic 7 support
  • Advanced Notification
  • Advanced User-interface
  • Search suggestion provider
  • Support serverside Lyrics
  • Support Gapless playback
  • Audiofocus Settings
  • Madsonic Node support
  • Google ChromeCast support
  • Android Wear support
  • Android Auto support
  • DLNA casting
  • Replay Gain
  • Better Offline mode
  • Playlist Management
  • Internet Radio tab
  • Bookmarks tab
  • Podcasts tab
  • Broadcast tab
  • Share tab
  • Admin tab
  • Chat tab
  • new Themes
  • and much more ...